Фотографируй товары и зарабатывай

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If you love shopping, then you can combine business with pleasure and earn extra income.

The company millionagents is a constant set of secret inspectors. You need to work with the app. A job will need to go to these stores and take pictures of certain goods, sometimes to fill in the questionnaire and to answer questions.

Фотографируй товары и зарабатывай

How to start

First you need to register on the website millionagents.com to fill in information about themselves: telephone number, full name, password, email and city of residence.

Small and remote towns in the list, so not all will be able to register. In this case you should contact the company through mail and try to get directly, maybe there will be jobs for your city.

After registration you can immediately configure the method for remuneration payment: Yandex.Money, Bank card or on the balance of the phone.

On the same tab, you can navigate to Tasks and see available check.

Фотографируй товары и зарабатывай

Immediately after registration you can apply for the job. Once approved, the curator communicates the number and explains the details. If you are satisfied, can be clipped in and out for execution.

Not all cities have such a high-paying job. In Moscow every month to photograph the display of goods, in popular supermarkets, Auchan, Pyaterochka and other. In my city there is no suitable stores, so settled for the individual orders.

Work through the app

In Google Play or the App Store you can find the application Millionagents and look for in town jobs through it. The application needs to register separately because the data indicated on the website will not work.

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You need to click on the Register link to enable GPS and to fill out a simple questionnaire with information about yourself: phone number, name, gender, date of birth and e-mail.

Фотографируй товары и зарабатывай

After that, the app will detect your GPS location and will offer jobs that are in your city. Usually, this simple test store:

  • To come to the shop and enable GPS to determine your location.
  • Take a picture of the shop sign or the building facade.
  • Photograph a sign with the address.
  • To answer simple questions (the price of goods which shelf, how many products of this brand is presented, etc.).
  • To make pictures of calculations to be able to dismantle the price on the price tag and it was the goods.

Фотографируй товары и зарабатывай

The activity takes 10-15 minutes, the payment for such tasks from 100 to 250 rubles. In my town available jobs.

The only time did the job for $ 100 – was in the right area, so I decided to go casually in an electronics store and photograph the tablets.

Quickly filled the info and taking photos with my camera was difficult – clearly visible price. But after a little correspondence the curator took the report.

The money is transferred and I through the app did not work. I receive assignments via email or in the Facebook group.

How to get a job

Often looking for artists through the group millionagents Vkontakte. Report that you need to check the stores in such cities, and you need to write to the specified email alert. The answer is to send in a certain form.

Фотографируй товары и зарабатывай

Then send the details on mail and you can decide to take on the task or refuse.

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Jobs in my city have been rare, but from time to time come across. I responded to any offers. All jobs are somehow similar – need to check the display of goods in the store.

Фотографируй товары и зарабатывай

The deadline is usually 7-10 days, so time is enough and you can choose a convenient day of examination.

The job took me not more than a day, only once had to break the test into 2 days because the shops were in different parts of the city and I did not have time before closing to check everything.

Example validation

The last time I checked toothbrushes – had to visit 15 stores, photograph the display and complete the questionnaire. The questions are simple, although sometimes it is necessary to clarify the information from the curator. For example, “how many offices there are toothbrushes”, and they are located between the ticket office and I didn’t know how to answer the question.

According to the rules of performing the tasks you need through the app: to photograph, to fill in the questionnaire and send for review. But I have a weak camera on the phone and I agreed with the curator that will photograph the goods on camera and send in the mail. Answers to questions is also sent in the letter.

Hide and hide during such inspection is not necessary. Send permission that describes the audit objectives and provides contacts for communication with management. You can print it and show if the guard starts to chase. The conflict arose only in one store, but after presentation of the resolution, we were able to quickly agree.

Payment and withdrawal

Payment for each job is negotiated separately. It all depends on the type of validation the number of sales outlets, type of product and its quantity. On average, for checking one store pay from 150 to 250 rubles, and we need to visit about 10-20 shops.

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If the mind to plan a route, it can be a day to do all 20 stores in the evening to complete and submit the questionnaire and get a per day of 5,000 rubles. So I turned out toothbrushes.

To order a withdrawal by e-wallet Yandex.Money, on the balance of the phone or card. I always ordered the card.

Usually pay for a checkup in a month, the specific timing of payments indicated in the letter. But take usually late. For the last test I was waiting for a withdrawal for 3 months. On the Internet a lot of negative reviews about millionagents because of payment delays.

Sometimes does not pay to reject a photo because of glare or fuzzy rates, you have to spend a lot of time on talks with the curator and ensure that each report.

And if, after such hassle have to wait long for a withdrawal, the credibility of the company is lost, and you don’t want to perform the job.

I live in a small town where seldom check, so in the last year have not got jobs. Before you perform is to evaluate the expected revenues and the location of the stores.

Sometimes, for 500 rubles you need to check three stores in different parts of the city, and it is possible to spend too much time and money. But if the mind to approach the choice of jobs and watch for new offers in the group, you can get a good extra income.

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