How to make money on mediation

Заработок оффлайн

As the business is not doing people! What goods and services do not sell in order to earn.

Once I took a step in the direction called “working for yourself” and now about 10 years of doing mediation. Difficult? I will not lie – Yes, it is difficult. But only at first. Benefits? In General, Yes! A millionaire I did not, but I have enough for everything.

It all started about 10 years ago, quite by accident. At that time, I have been reading many different books about success, money, attraction.

Как заработать на посредничестве

Having a permanent job, was involved in the company Oriflame. Went to a meeting every weekend for several months, where he held various trainings.

Sold cosmetics I was little, but in training I have put brains into place. It was there I learned many different life principles, rules by which you can increase your income.

I do mediation for many years and still believe that I still have a lot to learn. A lot of people get kind of deal annual salary of middle managers.

I’m on this level has not yet emerged. Satisfied with what I have, but not going to stop. It all began with wooden pallets.

Intermediation on wooden pallets

It all started when I worked as a storekeeper in a large company. She was stationed outside the city, in the so-called – modern logistics Park.

This is a huge warehouse of class “A”. It is in these places deployed item grid companies: roundabout, Coin, Sport – master and so on.

I worked as a storekeeper. After training and books, my Outlook and attitude to work has changed, that it allowed me to soon take the place of the shift supervisor. When the warehouse Manager went on vacation, he made all the leaders of the shifts various tasks that needed to be done before his return.

I had to get rid of a whole mountain, unusable pallets. They were located in the corner of the warehouse and seriously complicated the work, occupying too much space.

Every week the warehouse was approached by the car, which was thrown out the accumulated garbage. Tried for a bit to throw broken pallets, but less of them did not become.

On the contrary, the pile grew, absorbing the free space of our warehouse. To get rid of her I got into the Internet, hoping to find there at least some company that would free them were taken.

There are companies that take out for free the old cast-iron baths, washing machines and refrigerators. So I was hoping to find a company that needs wood.

My expectations were met on the first page of search engine Yandex. Container company not just engaged in the export of broken pallets, but also bought them. 30 rubles for one broken pallet. I called and the next day they came and loaded the whole truck.

The loading process took about three hours, and I didn’t waste any time: spoke with Manager purchase. For such a short time I was able to learn the principles of container companies.

They buy broken or whole pallets on the base of their darned polished. In other words is adjusted to the decent appearance and sell at a higher price to its loyal customers, which serve confectionery factories and different enterprises.

For example, a single Russian pan is really worth 150 rubles, and the Euro pallet even more.

Wooden pallets this is only a small part of the work container companies. There are many other container products from plastic, iron, cardboard, which they sell.

They are not limited to the purchase solely of broken pallets. On the contrary, try to buy whole or slightly damaged. So, at that time, looked container prices, the company to which I applied:

  • Pan Euro 90 rubles
  • Pan “Russian” 70 rubles
  • Broken pallet 30 rubles

Here is the Euro:

Как заработать на посредничестве

They have not taken the whole pile, from which I need to get rid of because broken pallet – a pallet, broken in three places, not more than, the rest of them is garbage and they are ready to pick up for free.

The same breakdown is considered and the absence of certain elements of the product.

In a pile of scrap they managed to find 15 whole pallets for them, I got the plan. Calculation with me Manager made immediately after the truck was loaded.

  • Broken pallets 260 pieces 7800 rubles
  • Whole pallets “Russian” 15 pieces 1050 rubles
  • The result: 275 pieces 8850 rubles

8850 thousand rubles for three hours! Not bad at all!?

After such a pleasant transaction, I began to think about how you can start earning on wooden pallets.

The solution was found. I went through all the warehouses in Logopark. In several warehouses has agreed to purchase 200 pallets.

Though they were all Russian. All negotiations had to be carried exclusively with the chiefs of warehouses, and many did not go on contact, and looked with suspicion, was silent. Some admitted that they steadily get rid of excess material, by sale container companies.

To get the benefit, I have outlined the price: 40 to 60 rubles for Russian pallet and Euro pallet, respectively. That is, the profit had to be: 30 rubles for one product.

With regards to broken pallets, for them I assumed 15 rubles apiece, but in the future I managed to find firms that give them for free.

The first transaction I brought 6300 rubles – Russian pallets and 450 rubles – the broken pallets.

Since then, I have long associated myself with these wooden products. My client base was expanded. In the city and beyond, a huge number of warehouses. Everywhere there is a need to get rid of unnecessary stuff, especially if it is broken.

Largely, my work was facilitated by personal car, because many of the warehouses are in places where public transport is difficult to reach and to travel by taxi, is not profitable.

Perhaps someone will be able to earn in this business huge money, but I personally wooden pallets do not bring much profit, that’s why while I was engaged in wooden pallets, did you not put your main place of work.

But the story about earnings, the story about the earnings – hatred. In order to assess their capabilities, I suggest to compare the advantages and disadvantages of such earnings.

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  • It is not time consuming, only at the beginning. Enough to gain the client base and all activities will happen on the phone and leaving only a deal.
  • Don’t need to have a commercial vein, education and especially communication skills.
  • Good extra income, which for many can become a major.
  • Intermediation on wooden pallets, and mediation in General, you can safely combine with the main work.
  • A large number of companies who want to get rid of storage junk. Among them, a large portion broken pallets. A few of them, I gave them for free. Among the rubbish as well: stretch film and cardboard. I know that there are organizations that are engaged in the export of cardboard and stretch film for free from further sale.
  • A large variety of clients. Even in these towns there are many warehouses, manufacturing facilities, factories, plants. The main thing to find container campaign that will pick up pallets at your price.
  • Wood in any form will always be in demand.


  • Problems on a psychological level, in terms of communication and supply of their services. But at the time I was young and knew little about such things as the sale of goods and services. Come to the warehouse and offer to the chief of their services, not as easy as it might seem at first glance, but I had no problems, I sold cosmetics. Sold not much, but lisnaskea gone.
  • Difficult docking time. I did not invest their money with a view to resale PI export, as it is simply unprofitable. The task of the mediator to agree the member parties to make a deal and get their commissions.

What container company comes to pick up the number of pallets, less than will fit in the back. So you have to wait when their number will increase. It is not always possible to bridge the gap between time of loading at several warehouses, to load the machine completely.

That is why later I started to cooperate with the container companies, which was in a machine with a smaller amount of the body.

  • Some managers on the purchase, wondered what role I play in this whole situation, because I sold them pallets from different warehouses. Of course, they knew that I’m a mediator, so soon I started to cooperate with companies, where the Manager function performed by the driver.
  • Whole pallets, not many people want to sell, but scrap all want to get rid as quickly as possible. However, in the process, manage to find the wicked chiefs who sell whole pallets and put the money from the sale in your pocket.

The easiest way to buy pallets in small warehouses and negotiate directly with Directors, but in small warehouses and a smaller number of pallets. However, the scrap is also possible to earn not bad, especially if you manage to find warehouses where they give away free.

My income from the purchase and resale of pallets is 6000 – 12000 rubles per month.

The principle is simple:

Step one. Find a large warehouse and negotiate the purchase of whole or broken pallets.

Step two. Call the container company and negotiate the sale. Agree on time and price.

Step three. Arrive at the appointed time at the store that sells the pan, and make transactions.

Step four. We get the money from sales from containerboard to the company and pay off the warehouse.

Intermediation on finishing work

One day, I decided to change the tile in the bathroom. Used the services of his friend, and to be precise a classmate.

I was pleased with his work that he even decided to change the tile and the toilet. It was then that I came up with the idea to engage in mediation at the finishing works.

Как заработать на посредничестве

Information about construction, finish and overall about this business I got just the same from Vasya. While he worked, I was in the apartment and piled him with questions.

Repair is money. Repair is necessary for all and always. Even the high competition in this market does not stop to make those who only comes here. But, there are dead seasons – winter.

Bob, a master in the tile business. Puts any tile. And in the house and on the street. Sometimes, sitting without work. Working with a partner. Been doing this for many years, but in matters of advertising and marketing is utterly weak. I took this seriously and as practice shows – for a long time. Not going to stop.

All I did was set the ads in the yards, on the ends of houses and trees. This is usually use “movers move”.

After the first orders, posted the ad on Avito and Slando then existing with photos of work done.

Calls a lot, for the past eight years. Not every caller employees uses our service, but about every fifth is our client.

For the first year we have completed about 50 orders. And only after that their number increased. Finally managed to configure the right wave of word of mouth. At that time I was still working as a shift supervisor (schedule I have was the most comfortable).

I charge for the client. My tilers themselves go on the objects, measure them, buy the material. Their work has not changed. Orders only become greater.

I take 20% of the amount of each transaction. It’s not much hits the pocket of the working team.

Only in the second year I realized that I need to sell services tilers legal organizations.

Over time, our clients are pharmacies, grocery stores, various offices. For a long time we have collaborated with the construction company that built two high-rise buildings. We laid out the tile in lavatories and stairwells.

Find such fat customers simply. I sent sales letters to these companies. The meeting went by himself. Drawback: had to open IE. Without contracts, they are not one to cooperate.

I was lucky that my workers are also specialized in tile street. The cost of laying tile outside, above, and volume is much more.

I still don’t know how some construction crews receive orders for the laying of paving slabs, most likely through the administration.

We put in the courtyards of private houses and the entrance to shops, offices, which are located on the first floors of residential houses.

My earnings for the past five years: 25 000 – 35 000 thousand rubles.

I could earn more, but my team before contacted me and had their achievements. So sometimes they perform services, which I do not have a relationship.

One time, I even had to hire a second crew. Had a lot of orders and we own failed to put the tiles in time.

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  • The money is good. Still, brokerage services for the decoration of apartments, associated with the tiling, is for me the most lucrative.
  • High demand. Repair do everything. Despite the competition, you can always find customers. Sometimes they can become familiar.
  • No need to invest high costs in advertising. No paid advertising I got to a good level after a year and only broke up with his main job. If you invest in advertising at least 10 000-15 000 thousand rubles per month, you can unwind much earlier.


  • You need to find a good construction crew. Professionals with a capital letter. Such shots is nothing to sneeze at, but in General, builders and decorators are a dime a dozen. There are plenty to choose from.
  • In winter, the number of orders falls. It’s not the season. Most of the orders are, strangely enough, in the summer.
  • It is difficult to find major customers (legal entities). I began to look for such customers, almost from the first day, but the first such client appeared only a year later. To have such clients, it should be given to finding more time.

So, how much can you earn on intermediary services in the repair market. I do only tile. But, you can try to sell your services to electricians and decorators.

You just need to find a reliable team. The principle is this:

Step one. Find a team that will do the finishing services. Discuss terms of cooperation. It is best to have friends in this area.

Step two. Looking for clients. The easiest and most popular way: putting up ads.

Step three. When a repair or any service rendered, we get the money and pay the workers. In my case it was much easier.

The guys did everything and paid me. Throw me to them was not profitable, because I asked them to put customers.

Cleaning of roofs from snow

In winter, when orders in the construction sector is not enough, I’m doing snow removal from roofs. For the third year.

At the moment my services are used by 12 homes. Don’t remember how much I earned last year, but last winter, [highlight color=”#eeee22″ rounded=”no” class=”” id=””]my Commission amounted to 72 000.[/highlight]

The cost of cleaning the roof on a house is 20 000 rubles for the house in four entrances. The most interesting thing is that there are companies that do it for 10 000, 15 000 thousand rubles. I take 30% from one roof, and the rest are working.

Как заработать на посредничестве

The specificity of the work is simple. Find the roof, hire a crew. However I participate in cleaning. Standing at the bottom, control. Most importantly, not to hurt passers-by.

Important point! Customers can only become a homeowners Association (HOA).

In management companies have their own teams. Sometimes they are formed of the employees of the management company. All questions are solved with the President of the HOA.

I was looking for a home run HOA, house-to-house. At each entrance hangs a Bulletin Board. In its upper part, there is information on who operates this house with a phone number. In 90% of cases the chairmen themselves living in these homes.

Open secret. Under the agreement of rendering of services in one HOA, which is administered by the 6 houses I pay 25 000 thousand rubles, but in fact I get a 20 000. Probably all know where it goes the difference.


  • A good income in a short time. Cleaning one roof takes 2-3 hours, depending on the number of workers. During the day you can clean the snow from 3-5 houses, depending on the square footage of the house.
  • Does not require knowledge. I found someone who studied industrial climber. To work he hired a number of people of the East, in the process, taught. All the necessary fixture for the insurance he had in stock. I only had to buy the shovels and lightweight crowbar.


  • It is difficult to find customers. Companies with snow removal give lower prices than me. Due to the high cost of cleaning, I lost a lot of possible customers. Although there are such companies which is more expensive.
  • The short season. Your 12 houses I clean for 3-4 days.

Work is organized in the following way:

Step one. Find a team that is able to clean roofs from snow. Agree on a price. I work with a team.

Step two. In the middle of winter begin to search for homes that are managed by the HOA. We offer our services by increasing the cost of 25-30% of the cost of the services of cleaners. You can find prospective clients before, but the offer it is best to do in the winter.

At the moment I work with three of the HOA. But initially negotiated and ten. You must be prepared that not everyone will use your services, despite the fact that when they met they are satisfied.

Step three. When TSZH will be ready for harvest, you need to be in place at the appointment time. Pay mainly by transfer to the account, from the account of the HOA. Definitely is a contract. Like it or not, but taxes will have to pay.

Maybe someone will get lucky and will be able to find the HOA, which will pay in cash.

The trainings of personal growth

Five years ago I attended a training of one businessman. People engaged in business and in parallel, conducts trainings. Topics standard: “How to succeed in life”, “How to save money” and so on.

After the lesson, which was only 12 people, I stayed and talked with Oleg (the name of the trainer), offer him cooperation. He agreed.

I’ve offered mediation, that is, for each client, I will get a certain percentage. His main condition was that their training he takes 3000 rubles per person. I can sell them at a higher price.

The optimal amount for me was 1000 rubles per person, but I put a condition: for I only and only for the amount of 4,000 rubles.

After all, if it will continue to attract participants, then on one training will sit people who paid different amounts. This leads to the fact that someone will be unhappy. But the main task is to help the person. Only then he will be back for motivation and knowledge.

The training was conducted 2 times in a month, and I managed to attract 15-20 people per training. I often attended them, but paid entrance ticket.

The most difficult stage: two weeks before the training. To fill the hall, have a good try. I did repost in social networks, were attracted by their friends, were handed invitations to clients who used the services in the field of finishing works.

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In order to increase customer flow, we decided to carry out trainings for sales managers. Do not count of received Acknowledgements.

My earnings for the past three years is 25 000 – 40 000 thousand rubles.

The main advantage was that Oleg had his own room 30 sq. m. He didn’t have to pay rent. If I collected him a full house – 22 people, received a bonus in the amount of 10 000 thousand rubles.


  • Good income. If I had more time I would have been able to attract more customers, using other various methods. For all the time, we didn’t even set up a website, but soon it will appear.
  • Interesting work. This is of course a matter of taste, but I like to do it. Every morning I Wake up and I face many interesting challenges.


  • Many of those who once called for the training after some time come second and even third time, but word of mouth in this kind of activity works very badly.

Despite what Oleg comes up with many new topics of training, not everyone is able to pay 4000 rubles. Training, a very specific product.

It is impossible to feel, to bring home, feel. Many see meeting this kind of useless thing. However, words of gratitude we receive very often.

As mediation trainings:

Step one. Need to find an organization or a group of people who conduct all kinds of trainings, and to offer their services for a certain percentage of the cost.

Optional it might be a large company, you may be able to find someone who had experience in conducting trainings or would not mind, to devote himself to this activity (perhaps partially).

Thus, it is possible to build your business on the provision of training. But, you should consider the costs associated with the lease of the premises. The room is best to rent by the hour. This can be a shopping center or business center.

Step two. Begin an active search. The most effective method of search: about the ringing. Find a social networking group in your city, and on the page which shows contacts, call phone number.

It is advisable to prepare in advance a speech. According to my data, with 30-40 calls, you receive one client.

Step three. We never took an advance payment. Few people want to pay with your credit card, in advance. We take payment on the fact of presence, prior to the training. Immediately we conclude the contract.

That to collect a room of 20 people, you should get 30-40 concerts. Sure there will be those who can not or do not want to come.

On mediation in General

Mediation is a very interesting direction. This movement. This is interesting. But the most important thing available for everybody. Even a schoolboy is able to provide mediation services, if you choose interesting area and to gain the necessary knowledge.

Here’s the definition that gives Wikipedia:

Mediation — a form of business, namely, to facilitate the establishment of links between producers and consumers, in order to expedite and facilitate the handling of raw materials, products, money, currency, information, consumer goods.

Such a definition is quite difficult to understand. For this reason, many people bypass this type of activity side. It is actually very simple. All that is necessary to become a mediator, to find a company that sells a product or service for a certain amount.

To throw on top of their commissions, and then to find consumers who will be willing to buy this product or use the service at the price of the intermediary.

As a seller of goods or services both in and as a consumer could be firm and people. Don’t confuse mediation with the resale.

Resale is a kind of buying and later selling of the goods purchased. The perfect mediator does not invest their money. Only in exceptional cases.

Many frequently the question arises: why is mediation so developed, and how do you manage to make any money?

The fact that companies very much, consumers too. And many simply do not know about each other.

Two years ago I made a rather interesting deal. Bakery, bought once a month for 14 bags of flour at the price of 2400 per bag. Second grade. The first variety was sold for 3100. For them it is expensive.

To improve the quality of the product, its had to sift through. I found a company that sold flour of the first grade 2800 bag. If you order 50 bags, they made a discount of 200 rubles. That is, the price dropped to 2600 rubles.

I found another bakery, which is owned by my friend and have invited both to buy flour from me for 2900 rubles, hoping to get 300 rubles for a bag.

They gladly agreed, but my condition was that you need to buy at least 25 bags. The deal was made. I received 300 roubles for each sold bag. That is, 15 000 rubles.

But thus it is possible to sell fertilizers, dried fruits, honey, molasses. The possibility of mediation are endless.
The only caveat, which prevents many non – standard salary. A mediator is a wolf of a foot feed.

Need to move to think. It is for this reason I started to do this, without throwing the main work.

How to become a mediator

  • For a start I recommend to study this activity along and across. As they say: Google to the rescue! On the Internet you can meet interesting directions, for every taste and color.
  • Books personal growth. This will help to recharge your energy and motivation. By the way, the training will come in handy.
  • Books related to advertising, marketing, sales, dealing with people.
  • Find an interesting niche. For example, if your friend makes wooden tables and chairs, then you can sell them with their margin. Potential buyer, any person, who has a room. Both residential and office.
  • Should not be sprayed at first and try to direct the energy in several directions. For a start, work out one, examine the market, demand, competition.
  • Doing mediation, try to communicate more with people and make new friends. Many of those with whom you are connected in the future can become your clients. Possible customers will be people from the circle of friends of your friends.

The mediator is a separate activity, if it is good to learn then you can earn good by working on yourself.

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